• why is Trinity Cathedral home?

    “ . . . and frequently, all those unanswerable questions and incomprehensible mysteries are, indeed, answered and possible. And the peace of God is freely given”.

    Robb and Paul

How have you seen the Trinity Cathedral in action?

“For us, Trinity is the epicenter of the Great Commission. People come from the four corners of the valley just to experience worship here. But that is just the beginning–the fuel. We become transformed, weekly, sometimes for a day, or, if we’re so blessed, sometimes for a whole week. We take our transformed lives back to our communities, and, with God’s help, do the work that God has given us to do. Even if it only is one neighbor, or one stranger, at a time”.

  • why is Trinity Cathedral home?

    “It’s the clergy, the congregation and everyone who all honor each other’s company and companionship.”


A Message From
The Very Reverend Troy D. Mendez, Dean

For almost 100 years, Trinity Cathedral has served as the cornerstone of the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona. The Cathedral has been a steady and dynamic presence in downtown Phoenix, welcoming people from all parts of the greater Phoenix area. At Trinity, we share the experience of God’s abundant love through worship, opportunities for service, and a vibrant community life.

God is working in your life, and the gifts of God’s grace never end. Thank you for recognizing God’s gift of grace in your life here at Trinity. Your prayers and presence, along with your financial support help us live into our mission for the future. Thanks for making your pledge today!

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  • why is Trinity Cathedral home?

    “The diverse population of Trinity’s congregation makes ALL feel welcome in all aspects of the church.”

    Julie and Don

“We don’t go to church for a ticket to heaven. We go to experience heaven on earth. Our passion is to be a small part of creating heaven at Trinity every Sunday.  Whether setting up as part of the Altar Guild, or actively playing a part in the service as part of the Altar Party, our joy is to feel interconnected and inseparable with all that is experienced during the service”.

How does your ministry connect with the church’s mission?

  • why is Trinity Cathedral home?

    “We were drawn by the sacred space, the preaching of God’s word, and the fellowship of parishioners”

    Amy and Bill

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