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May 2019

A void in our cultural community developed on Thursday, December 13, 2018, when three of the six divisions of the cathedral organ (Schantz; IV/71) failed. While Cathedral services have continued with considerable adjustment to our musical offerings, this failure has forced the cancellation of all Music at Trinity concerts involving the cathedral organ. The instrument has played an important, but not widely known role, in supporting the greater Phoenix arts and education community. A few of these significant roles include:

  • Every January, Music at Trinity invites a world-class organist to perform at the Peel Memorial concert and we also host an “unintentional” series of recitals by organists from King’s College, Cambridge.
  • The cathedral organ has been featured in concerts by outside arts groups such as the Phoenix Chorale and Phoenix Chamber Brass.
  • Trinity Cathedral has developed a close relationship with Arizona State University and is often the venue for DMA organ recitals and workshops.
  • Offerings from the cathedral’s musical outreach arm, Music at Trinity, showcase the organ in events such as Choral Evensong, Lessons and Carols, and the ever-popular Messiah Sing-along.

All these events have been cancelled or severely curtailed for the foreseeable future.

To fill the void in our community the Organ Fundraising Committee is raising $55,000 over the next few months to cover the cost of installing a new control system and hosting a rededication of the cathedral organ. Starting with our own Trinity Congregation the fund-raising efforts extend throughout the Diocese of Arizona and we are appealing to the larger community who so often enjoys the cultural benefits the organ and its performers provide.

If you value the role that the cathedral music program plays within the Phoenix community please consider a gift to restore this important instrument and its place in the gallery of Phoenix musical venues. With all of us working together, we can reach our goal to ensure a long and brilliant future for the cathedral organ and the benefits it brings to our community. Donations to the cathedral organ repair fund may be made in one of two ways:

  • Online donation through the donation button above.
  • Donate, via check, payable to Trinity Cathedral with “organ fund” designated on the memo line. Mail check to trinity Cathedral, 100 W. Roosevelt St., Phoenix, AZ 85003, or simply place the check in the Sunday offering.

Thank you for your generosity and support to the Cathedral organ repair fund.

Erik W. Goldstrom, PhD
Canon Musician