Youth Christian Education and Formation

We welcome all youth grades 6 through 12 to be transformed in Christ, through worship, fellowship, and service. We gather regularly after the 10am Eucharist and before the noon Eucharist, to include youth from our English and Spanish speaking congregations. Our group meets on Sundays from the Sunday after Labor Day until the Sunday of Memorial Day.

Our group explores the Bible and how it relates, contextually, to our personal life experiences. We participate in direct ministry service projects here at the Cathedral and throughout our community. We are invited to live, fully, into the life of our worship community as lectors (reading scripture in church), altar guild members (setting the holy table for communion, greeters and ushers, and Eucharistic ministers (serving communion in church). We also are invited, depending on our ages, to be a part of the Godly Play leadership. We have opportunities to sing with our St. Nicholas children’s choir.

Some of us are active in the life of our diocese (our wider governing community), getting to know other youth around our church, through summer camp, faith in action (outreach and service), and social and fellowship events. We also enjoy fellowship with each other in our group of youth here a Trinity.

For additional information, please contact the Rev. Holly Herring at [email protected] or 602.254.7126.