Through this timeline we offer a glimpse into Trinity Episcopal Cathedral’s and Phoenix, Arizona’s, past. This timeline is not a history; rather it provides foundational elements from which to begin a process of interpreting Trinity Episcopal Cathedral and Phoenix, Arizona, history.

In Trinity Cathedral building’s centennial year, we remember first those who preceded us here before 1900. Their presence left indelible imprints that continue to be felt today. Next, we embark on a journey that begins about 1870. This period corresponds roughly with the transition from exploratory to development phase of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral’s presence in a rapidly growing Phoenix and Arizona. Then, beginning with 1900, we explore successive 20-year spans, ending with Beyond 2020.

Please take advantage of the many special centennial events this year and other resources at the Cathedral to learn more. We hope that this chronology helps us reflect over and celebrate our past during our centennial year. We hope also that it helps us consider future direction, informed by a collective understanding of our history together in this place.

Timeline Color Key   |   Trinity Cathedral (Blue)   |   City of Phoenix, AZ (Brown)