Trinity Cathedral is governed by the Bishop, the Dean and the Chapter. The Dean is the Cathedral’s senior priest and is called by the Chapter but appointed by the bishop.

In most Episcopal parishes, the senior priest is known as the rector. Because Trinity is a diocesan Cathedral, the bishop technically remains the rector but delegates the functions of a rector to a dean. The chapter is the cathedral version of what in other Episcopal churches is known as the vestry. The Chapter comprises members of the congregation elected for three-year terms by the annual meeting of the Cathedral parish. The Bishop then confirms their election.

The Dean is assisted by two wardens. The wardens, together with the treasurer are ex-officio members of the chapter. One warden is appointed by the Dean and known as the Dean’s or Senior Warden. The other warden known as the Junior or People’s Warden is elected at the annual meeting. The Dean’s Warden serves for a term mutually agreed with the Dean, while the People’s Warden serves an annually renewable term.

Authority for spiritual leadership, teaching, liturgy, and pastoral care of the community lies within the Dean’s areas of responsibility. Administration and management of staff also lies within the Dean’s responsibilities. The chapter is responsible for finance, buildings, and other material and real property. The dean and chapter working together articulate the vision for Trinity Cathedral.

The cathedral and its chapter are also governed by a set of bylaws, most recently updated on October 25, 2022 and available to view here.

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