All donations to The Cathedral go toward strengthening our work of loving the world as Christ loves us. The Cathedral appreciates unrestricted gifts, or you may designate your giving for a specific purpose. We are grateful for your support!

General Fund – By making a general fund donation, you contribute to the growth and outreach of Trinity Cathedral.
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Pledge – Giving on a regular, scheduled basis supports the operational and program budget of the Cathedral.
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Clergy Discretionary Fund – This fund allows our Clergy the flexibility to address the unique needs of any individual with emergency needs as they arise.
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Food Pantry – The Cathedral supports individuals and families in need from our Food Pantry. This allows us to continue to serve our neighbors and the larger community around us.
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Benevolence Fund – This fund offers strategic financial support to parishioners who have fallen on difficult financial times during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Cathedral Music – All funds support the choir, new music and the Cathedral’s work as a center of excellence for liturgical music.
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Altar & Event Flowers – Flower donations are often made to mark events such as an anniversary or birth, in memory of loved ones or during holidays such as Christmas and Easter.
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Memorials – Gifts in memory or to the honor of loved one are welcome.
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Olney Gallery – Trinity Cathedral supports the growing arts community developing around us on Roosevelt Row. We are a monthly venue for First Friday exhibitions and appreciate donations to support those efforts.
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For additional information on giving, please contact:
Director of Operations
Mars Sarossy | [email protected]