Bishop of Arizona
The Right Reverend
Jennifer A. Reddall
[email protected]

The Rev. Canon Erika von Haaren, Priest-in-Charge

The Reverend Canon Erika von Haaren
[email protected]

Associate for Community Life
The Reverend
Omar Rodriguez de la O
[email protected]

Cathedral Deacon
The Reverend
Myra Kingsley
[email protected]


Director of Operations
Michael Rodriguez
[email protected]

Canon Musician
Cathedral Music and
Music Event Scheduling
Erik Goldstrom
[email protected]

Campus Coordinator
Cliff Golden
[email protected]

Communication Manager
Max Walker
[email protected]

Administrative Coordinator
Clarissa Ortiz
[email protected]

The Cathedral Clergy and Terminology
The Episcopal Church has somewhat complex terminology for its clergy. It has inherited and maintained the Catholic three-fold order of bishop, priest, and deacon.

Historically, Jesus left authority to his Apostles, who in turn passed it on at their death to the first generation of bishops. Bishops have the formal title of The Right Reverend. There is one Presiding Bishop in the Episcopal Church – they are first among equals and are elected by the House of Bishops to represent the others around the globe for a 9-year term. This bishop goes by The Most Reverend. They are referred to as “Bishop NAME” conversationally.

Early in the life of the growing Church, the Apostles needed practical help in serving their communities who needed support and encouragement while the Bishops were traveling to other parts of their areas. They instituted the order of deacon to be a ministry of service in their local areas. Deacons are ordained, and their formal title is The Reverend. They are referred to as “Deacon NAME” conversationally. Archdeacons (a first among equals in this order) have the formal title of The Venerable.

As the Church grew, the bishops had more worshipping communities to provide the sacraments for. Time between those visits grew longer and longer because of all these new communities to visit, so the bishops began to delegate their leadership authority to a new order of presbyter, or priest: ones who could provide some of the Sacramental life to the local communities while reserving some functions for the bishops on their visitations. Priests can baptize, marry, bury, and celebrate Eucharist. Their formal title is also The Reverend. Cathedral Deans have the formal title of The Very Reverend.

Cathedral as the Bishop’s Seat
Trinity Cathedral is the church where the Bishop of Arizona has their chair, called a cathedra. The senior priest is called the Dean – originally meaning a leader of ten. Other priests on staff are known as Canons (formally: The Reverend Canon) because they are appointed for the good order of the wider church of the diocese, a geographic area covered by a single bishop.