Trinity Cathedral is committed to being a place of hospitality to many types of public and private ceremonies, the community, and performing arts groups. We offer beautiful and unique spaces for weddings, receptions, concerts, meetings and many more activities.

Venues Include, but not limited to
Trinity Cathedral
Olney Gallery
Labyrinth / Courtyard

Cathedral Music Venue 

The interior of the Cathedral has an air of simple elegance and dignity. It was deemed acoustically sound enough to host a Duke Ellington concert in 1966 and is the current location for the Music At Trinity concert series. National and international choral, instrumental and jazz groups seek out this 375-seat performance space.

Olney Gallery
The Olney Gallery is part of the campus at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. It is a well lit rectangular room connecting the Cathedral to offices and other gathering places. Prior to the late 1990s, this room was a portrait gallery containing paintings and photographs of past bishops and clergy. In 2000, members of the congregation formed a Visual Arts Ministry and at that time the gallery began to be part of First Fridays on Roosevelt, a monthly Phoenix art event.

Labyrinth / Courtyard
Located at the heart of the Trinity Cathedral campus the Labyrinth / Courtyard is an intimate area surrounded by desert landscaping, historic architecture with stunning views of downtown Phoenix. This venue is a charming location and has hosted ceremonies, receptions, non-profit or corporate events. Dine and dance under the stars right in the middle of our urban home.

For additional venue information, please contact:
Administrative Coordinator
Clarissa Ortiz | [email protected]
602 254-7126