The Steven Tito Academy in Bagamoyo, Tanzania is a K-7 school that was started in 2012 as an extension of The Baobab Home, which serves children and families affected by HIV/AIDS, mental illness and poverty.

From a few students that first year, the school has grown to more than 180 students in 2022. The school relies entirely on charitable donations to operate and many of its students are on partial or full scholarship.

Trinity has supported the school for years, raising money for classrooms and a library and donating books.

Currently, we sponsor three students at the school with scholarships. Here is a look at each of them:


Adam is a proud 5th grade student. When he entered kindergarten in 2017, we were asked to pray for him especially because of how frail he seemed. He is now much better and thriving!

He is always on time for school, does his work well and loves being a student. He is also conscientious about helping at home and spends his vacation time supporting his family.

Read a previous letter Adam wrote to the Cathedral in 2022.


Samira entered kindergarten in 2018 and is now a proud 5th grader. She knows that her teacher, Madam Mtili, loves her and wants her to succeed. Learning all she can is Samira’s major goal. Her favorite subject is science and she likes to play cards.

Samira lives with her mom, stepdad and younger brother. At home she washes dishes each night, washes clothes and cooks twice a week.

Samira’s birthday is soon: October 22. She loves fruit, especially apples and bananas. She is also learning about agriculture through activities on the farm where the school is located. Samira is an active girl who enjoys playing netball.

We are proud to sponsor this hard-working young woman who looks forward to her next two years at the Steven Tito Academy.

Read a previous letter Samira wrote to the Cathedral in 2022.


Salima is a courageous girl who will finish 4th grade in December. The youngest of seven children, she lives with her parents in a two-room house near the school. They are a kind, hardworking people struggling with grinding poverty.

School used to be a particular challenge for Salima, but she loves it and never misses a day. She is a good helper and is proud of the clean grounds and beautiful trees. In her letter she commented that she is talented in acting. She is grateful for our sponsorship and determined to do well in the exams she will face at the end of 7th grade. Salima’s letter with its beautiful penmanship is a tribute to her hard work. You can read her letter to the Cathedral in 2022 here.

Meanwhile, we are privileged to sponsor this hard-working girl who looks forward to her next three years at the Steven Tito Academy.


Graduated: 2023

Nazarena entered kindergarten in 2015, earning one of 25 spots for that class out of 81 applicants. She lives with her family in Bagamoyo. Both parents finished primary school but were unable to continue on to high school, and definitely wanted their daughter to have the best primary education possible. STA students learn to speak proficient English, which is a requirement for high school.

Nazarena has done well in all her subjects, particularly mathematics. She is a friendly girl who enjoys participating in sports, especially volleyball. Roald Dahl is her favorite author and she loves the BFG.

Her father is a farmer and is very hard working. Nazarena washes her clothes, does her homework and sometimes washes dishes. She has many home and school friends.

We are proud to have sponsored this lively 7th grader and wish her much success as she graduates from STA in December.

Read the letter Nazarena wrote to the Cathedral in 2022.


Graduated: 2023

Lailati has lived at The Baobab Home (which includes the Academy) since she was 4 years old and her mother was unable to care for her. She entered kindergarten in 2015 and is now a 7th grader who will graduate in December.

Recently, she was stricken with malaria and spent five days in the hospital. She has returned, though weaker and thinner and has taken on the responsibility of preparing her own greens to boost her iron.

She loves to help the younger kids in the Home and shines with joy.

Read the letter Lailati wrote to the Cathedral in 2022.


Graduated: 2023

Salma was only four when her determined grandmother tried to get her into kindergarten. Salma was too young then, but began kindergarten the next year. She hopes to become a doctor, and especially appreciates her 7th grade teacher, Mr. Matano. She has made many good friends over the years. Her favorite thing about STA is the good food that she will miss after she graduates in December.

Salma lives with her paternal grandfather, mother and older sister. Salma has many responsibilities at home. Her sister is paralyzed and cannot even feed herself. Salma cooks, feeds her sister, and washes up afterwards. She also takes care of the laundry for herself and her sister.

To read the letter she wrote to the Cathedral in 2022, click here.