The Commentary

Dear Ones,

I pray you are well this week! I was so grateful for your willing participation in our sermon prayer practice this past week – if you haven’t yet had a chance to incorporate the folks you intended to pray for into your week, I hope this is a little nudge to do so. It’ll feel good to remember them – I promise.

This coming Sunday is the celebration of the arrival of the Holy Spirit. The gift of an advocate sent by God to be with us always. While we often think of the Holy Spirit as a symbol of peace and inspiration, this word, Advocate, brings to mind another way of experiencing this. Think of those who serve as advocates or times you have advocated for someone. You’ve stood up for them, helped be a voice for them, encouraged them to be their fullest self. The Holy Spirit does this too in a million little ways. As you go about this week preparing for this Sunday’s celebration (don’t forget to wear red, by the way!), I hope you’ll look for glimpses of the Holy Spirit strengthening you, emboldening you, and encouraging you. You are worthy of that attention, love, and honoring that the Holy Spirit is doing for you. And by paying attention, we might find ourselves surprised by how intently the Holy Spirit gives us everything we need. Eyes open, friends.

See you Sunday at 9 a.m. & 11 a.m.

Peace to you,

The Reverend Canon Erika von Haaren
[email protected]